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A may mOma Contrariè Gold Bracelet is absolutely an ultimate luxury piece to wear. This may Moma bracelet has two large square white Swarovski stones on the side of the bracelet, which screws the bracelet together with an slightly oval shaped form to fit your wrist beautifully.

This may mOma Bracelet is 24 ct gold-plated and is engraved inside with "may mOma" and the size of the bracelet.

This may mOma bracelet is sleek, minimal style and very elegant. This bracelet looks fantastic and luxurious to any outfit during daytime or to make your outfit standout at any evening occasion. 

If you want to your outfit "whoop" some extra there is A Matching Ring in the may mOma Collection "Contrariè".

  • 24 ct Gold-plated 
  • Size: Small/ Medium
  • Measurement: (oval shape/ "wrist size"), Inside: ca 5,5 cm x 4,0 cm

maymomacontrairebracelet9085.jpg   maymomacontrairebraceletwrist9085-1.jpg


"Jewellelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique" - said Elisabeth Taylor

About the Brand

Simona Nicolosi is the designer and owner of may mOma Jewellery. Her passionate interest began at young age as her father was an italian goldsmith.

She attended a course in Jewlery Design at Milan Polidesign and worked at the creative deapartment at Damiani Group where she learned to to concieve and pattern luxury jewellery. 

Milan, the Capital of Style is always an inspiration. She started to create unique jewellery for her friends and herself which led her to start a complete luxury line, and she called it may mOma Jewellery. 

She now has loyal customers worldwide and the jewellery is still made in italy by craftsmen that has a long heritage in making luxury jewellery for the top of the brands in fashion in the world, (such as Dior, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy etc.) 

At Stockholm Fashion World/ Stockholm Design Center and WHOOP.shop/ TLC Sweden we chose may mOma Jewellery by hundreds of Jewellery Manufactures and Designers, for may mOmas and Simona Nicolosi’s outstanding taste in Design and mOma Jewellery’s exqusite finish. They are timeless, unique, easy to fall in love with, and to keep the rest of your life.

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Handmade in Italy
Modern, Minimalistic, Classic
24K Gold Pleated, Brass
White Swarovski Crystals
Available Sizes
Small/ Medium
Signature Storage Bag